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A001                              Miso Soup                              $1.25

4A002                              Green Salad                         $4.45

A003                              Edamame                               $4.45

A004                              Hayashi Wakame                  $4.45

A005                              Gyoza                                     $4.95              (6 pcs. Japanese Dumplings)

A006                              Agedashi Tofu                        $4.95             (Deep Fried Tofu)

A007                              Appetizer Tempura               $6.95              (Shrimp and Vegetable : 6pcs)

A008                              Ika Karage                             $6.45             (Deep Fried Squid)

A009                             Soft Shell Crab                        $7.45             (Deep Fried)

A010                            Appetizer Sashimi                    $7.95       (Tuna, Salmon, and Butter Fish, each 2 pcs)

Lunch specials ($ 8.45)


                                   No substitution... Until 5 p.m 

Lunch Special B       

Bulgogi (Marinated Beef), Salad, and Miso Soup                              

Lunch Special C       

Hot Spicy Noodle Soup (Ramen) and California Roll                       

Lunch Special D       

California Roll (8 pcs.), Salmon Roll (6 pcs.), and Miso Soup

Bento Boxes ($13.50) all day


Bento Box A

Tofu Teriyaki, Avocado Roll (6 pcs.), Tempura (4 pcs.), Salad, Rice, and Miso Soup

Bento Box B

Chicken or Beef Teriyaki, California Roll (4 pcs.), Tempura (4 pcs.), Salad, Rise, and Miso Soup

Bento Box C

Salmon Teriyaki, Salmon Roll (6 pcs.), Tempura (4 pcs.), Salad, Rice, and Miso Soup

Sushi Rolls (Maki)


                                                                                                Maki (6 pcs.)   Hand Roll

B001                             California Roll                                   $4.45               $3.45

B001                             Salmon Roll                                       $3.95               $3.45

B003                             Tuna Roll                                           $4.45               $3.45

B006                             Spicy Crabmeat Roll                         $3.95               $2.95

B007                             Spicy Salmon Roll                             $4.95               $3.95

B008                             Spicy Tuna Roll                                 $4.95               $3.95

B010                             Spicy Butterfish Roll                         $4.45               $3.45


B011                            Crunch California Roll                      $4.95               $3.45


B012                           Deep Fried California Roll                 $5.45               -

B013                           Dynamite Roll                                     $5.95               $4.45

B014                           Alaska Roll                                          $5.95               $4.45

B015                            Salmon and Avocado Roll               $4.95               $3.45

B016                           Teriyaki Roll (Beef)                            $4.45                   -   

B017                           Teriyaki Roll (Chicken)                        $4.45                  -    

B018                           Unagi (Barbeque Eel) Roll                    $5.95               $4.45

B019                           Prawn Tempura Roll                           $4.95               -

B020                           Smoked Salmon Roll                           $5.95               $4.45

B021                           Chopped Scallop Roll                          $5.95               $3.95

Fusion Rolls (Special Maki)




B101                            Crazy Boy Roll                                  $6.95

                        Whole Fried California Roll

B102                           Cream Cheese Roll                            $6.95

                         Vegetables, Smoked Salmon, and Cream Cheese

B103                            Crunch Roll                                        $6.95

                        Cucumber, Shrimp Tempura, and  Crabmeat, Tempura bit

B104                            Mexican Roll                                      $6.95

                        Tobiko, Spicy Crabmeat, Cucumber, Avo

B105                            Friends Roll                                        $7.45   

                       Tempura and Smoked Salmon

B106                           Hot Night Roll                                     $7.45

                        Spicy Tuna, Crabmeat, and Green Onion

B107                           Pink Flower Roll                                  $7.45

                        Yam Tempura, Asparagus, Avocado, and Cucumber

B108                            Ninja Roll                                           $7.95

                        Vegetables and Fried Tuna

B109                            Double Shrimp Roll                            $7.95

                        Fried Shrimp inside and Boiled Shrimp on top

B110                          Double Salmon Roll                             $7.95

                        Avocado and Salmon 

B111                          Rainbow Roll                                       $8.45

                        Assorted Raw Fish on a California Roll

B112                          Sweetie Roll                                         $8.45

                        Smoked Salmon, Eel, Avocado on a California Roll

B113                          Caterpillar Roll                                   $8.45

                        Eel, Avocado, and Cucumber

B114                          Sunrise Roll                                         $8.45

                        Salmon and Lemon on a California Roll

B115                          Fried Philly Roll                                   $8.95

                        Cucumber, Avocado, Cream Cheese, 

B116                        Snow White Roll                                    $8.95

                        Cream Cheese, Butter Fish, Fish Eggs,

B117                          Philadelphia Roll                                  $8.95

                        Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon, and Salmon 

B118                          You Go Girl Roll                                  $8.95

                        Cream Cheese, Shrimp Tempura, and Salmon

B119                          Green & Spicy Roll                              $8.95

                        Spicy Tuna, Spicy Butter Fish, Tempura Bits

B120                          Hawaiian Roll                                       $8.95

                        Spicy Tuna on top of a California Roll

B121                          Volcano Roll                                         $8.95

                        Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Spicy Crabmeat, and Fish Egg

B122                          Honey Roll                                           $8.95

                        Crawfish Salad, Avocado, and Boiled Shrimp             

B123                          Flaming Roll                                         $9.45

                        Mixed Spicy Tuna and Salmon                                   

B124                          Red & Black Roll                                $9.45

                        Shrimp Tempura, Crabmeat, and Eel

B125                          Sushi Pizza                                         $10.95

                        Smoked Salmon and Crabmeat                  

Large Rolls (10 pcs.)




B201                            Jane & Bloor Roll                             $10.95

                        Shrimp Tempura, Crabmeat (Salmon, Cucumber, and Avocado)

B202                            Tiger Roll                                           $10.95

                        Shrimp Tempura, Crabmeat (Shrimp, Cucumber, and Avocado)

B203                            House Special Roll                             $10.95

                        Salmon, Tuna, Ebi, Crabmeat (Cucumber and Avocado)

B204                            Big Boy Roll                                       $10.95

                        Fried Butter Fish, Crabmeat (Cucumber and Avocado)

B205                            Spider Roll                                         $11.95

                        Fried Soft Shell Crab, Crabmeat (Cucumber and Avocado)

B206                            Calamari Roll                                    $12.95

                        Fried Squid, Crabmeat (Cucumber and Avocado)

B207                            Fire Cracker Roll                              $13.95

                        Spicy Tuna and Salmon, Crabmeat (Green Onion, Cucumber, and Avocado)

B212                            Asa Big Crunch Roll                         $13.95

                        Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Crabmeat ,Cucumber, Tempura bit

B213                            Bounce Roll                                        $13.95

                         Fried Salmon, Crabmeat, Salmon, (Cucumber, and Avocado)

B208                            Green Dragon Roll                            $13.95

                        Fried Soft Shell Crab, Crabmeat, Avocado, (Cucumber, and Avocado)

B209                           ReDragon Roll                                $13.95

                        Fried Soft Shell Crab, Crabmeat, Salmon, (Cucumber, and Avocado)

B210                           Black Dragon Roll                             $14.95

                        Fried Soft Shell Crab, Crabmeat ,Eel, (Cucumber, and Avocado)

B211                          Tornado Roll                                        $14.95

                        Spicy Crabmeat, Shrimp Tempura, Eel, Avocado, Tempura Bits

                        (Eel, Cucumber, and Avocado)



                                                                                    Nigiri (2 pcs.)              Sashimi (3 pcs.)

B031      Salmon (Sake)                                                $4.45                           $4.45

B032      Tuna (Maguro)                                                $4.95                           $4.95

B033      Tilapia (Izunidai)                                             $3.95                            $3.95

B034      Butter Fish                                                     $4.45                           $4.45

B035      Hotate (Scallop)                                              $4.45                           $4.45

B036      Hokkigai (Surf Clam)                                      $3.95                           $3.95

B037      Ika (Squid)                                                      $4.45                           $4.45

B038      Prawn (Ebi)                                                     $3.95                             -

B039      Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)                                 $4.45                             -

B040    Unagi (Barbeque Eel)                                        $5.95                             -

B041    Mix (Chopped Scallop with Tobiko)                 $5.95                             -

B042    Assorted Sushi (10 pcs.)                                $19.95                            -


B043    Assorted Sashimi (15 pcs.)                                -                                    $19.95


Katsu/Teriyaki Dishes




A030                             Tofu and Vegetable Teriyaki                        $10.95

A031                             Chicken Teriyaki                                           $11.95

A032                             Beef Teriyaki                                                  $11.95

A033                            Salmon Teriyaki                                              $11.95

A034                             Seafood Teriyaki                                            $12.95

A035                            Ton Katsu                                                        $11.95

                        Deep Fried Pork with Sauce

A036                             Chicken Katsu                                                $11.95

                        Deep Fried Chicken Breast with Sauce

A037                             Fish Katsu                                                       $11.95

                        Deep Fried Tilapia Sauce





A051                              Ramen                                                                      $6.50

A052                              Plain Udon                                                               $7.50

A053                              Beef Udon                                                                 $9.95

A054                             Chicken Udon                                                           $9.95

A055                              Seafood Udon                                                           $10.95

A056                             Tempura Udon                                                         $11.95

Tempura Selection


A020                               Mixed Vegetable Tempura   (10pcs)                            $9.95

A021                               Yam Tempura    (8pcs)                                                $9.95

A022                               Shrimp Tempura   (8pcs)                                            $11.95

A023                               Assorted Tempura (Seafood & Vegetables : 12PCS) $11.95

Vegetarian Choices



B061                             Cucumber Roll (Kappa)                                            $3.45

B062                            Oshinko (Pickled Radish)                                            $3.45

B063                             Inari Roll (Deep Fried Bean Curd)                             $3.45

B064                            Tamago (Egg)  Roll                                                      $3.45

B065                            Avocado and Cucumber Roll                                     $4.45

B066                            Avocado Roll                                                                $4.45

B067                            Aspragus Roll                                                              $4.45

B068                            Hiyashi Wakame Roll (Fresh Seaweed)                     $3.45

B069                            Vegetable Roll                                                             $4.45

                                    (Cucumber, Avocado, Romaine, and Carrot)

B070                            Sweet Yam Tempura Roll                                          $4.95

B071                            Sweet Yam Tempura  & Avocado Roll                     $5.95

B072                             Vegetable Tempura Roll                                           $4.95

                                    (Sweet Potato, Yam, and Onion)

B073                            Futomaki Roll (10 pcs.)  (5pcs)                                   $10.95     $6.95

                                    (Spinach, Pickled Radish, Inari, Cucumber, Crabmeat, and Egg) 

Vegiterian Sushi (Nigiri)


B081                           Tamago (Egg) (2 pcs.)                                                 $3.45

B082                           Inari (Deep Fried Bean Curd) (2 pcs.)                         $3.45



B091                         Vegetable Roll Combo A (18 pcs.)                              $11.45

                        Cucumber Roll, Avocado Roll, and Vegetable Roll

B092                          Vegetable Roll Combo B (18 pcs.)                            $13.45

                        Vegetable Roll, Vegetable Tempura Roll, and Yam Tempura Roll

B093                          Vegetable  Party Tray (48 pcs.)                                  $30.95

                        Cucumber Roll, Avocado Roll, Vegetable Roll, Vegetable Tempura Roll,

                        Yam Tempura Roll, Inari Roll, Seaweed Salad, and Asparagus Roll.

Special Combos




S001                          Roll Combo A (18 pcs.)                                              $ 10.95

                        Roll (Tuna, Salmon, and Cucumber)

S002                           Roll Combo B (18 pcs.)                                             $11.95

                        Roll (Tuna, Salmon, and California)

S003                           Roll Combo C (18 pcs.)                                             $14.95

                        Roll (California, Dynamite, and Alaska)

S004                          Roll Combo D (30 pcs.)                                              $21.95

                        Roll (California, Dynamite, Alaska, Salmon, and Tuna)


S011                         Sushi Combo A (12 pcs)                                              $14.95

                        Sushi (Tuna, Salmon, Ebi each 2 pcs), California Roll             

S012                         Sushi Combo B (16 pcs)                                              $22.95

                        Sushi (Tuna, Ebi, Butter each 2 pcs, Salmon 4 pcs), California Roll   


S021                         Sashimi Combo (15 pcs)                                              $15.95

                       Sashimi (Tuna, Salmon, Butter Fish each 3 pcs), California Roll

S022                   Sashimi & Sushi Combo (18 pcs)                                      $23.95

                       Sashimi (Tuna, Salmon, Butter Fish each 2 pcs),

                   & Sushi (Tuna, Salmon, Butter Fish each 2 pcs), California Roll

Special Lovers


S031                          Salmon Lover  A (Salmon 11 pcs)                                  $12.95

                        (Sashimi 3pcs, Nigiri 2pcs, Spicy Salmon Roll)

S032                           Salmon Lover  B  (Salmon 16 pcs)                                $19.95

                        (Sashimi 5pcs, Nigiri 5pcs, Salmon Roll)

S033                           Shrimp Lover (14 pcs)                                                  $14.95

                        (Shrimp Tempure 8pcs, Prawn Tempura Roll)

S034                          Spicy Maki Lover (18 pcs)                                           $12.95

                       (Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, California Roll)

Love Boat



S041                          Love Boat (A) (28 pcs)                                                 $33.95

                    Sushi (Tuna, Salmon, Ebi each 2 pcs), Roll (California, Sweetie),

                                 Tempura, Gyoza, Miso soup

S042                           Love Boat (B) (34 pcs)                                                 $43.95

          Sushi (Tuna, Salmon, Ebi, Butter, Tilapia each 2 pcs), Roll (Sweetie, Rainbow)

                                 Tempura, Gyoza, Miso soup


 Party Trays


PT-1                          Party Tray A (42 pcs Maki)                                         $29.95


                        (Cucumber Roll, California Roll, Dynamite Roll, Avocado Roll,

                         Salmon Roll, Tuna Roll, Alaska Roll)


PT-2                           Party Tray B (48 pcs Maki)                                        $34.95                        (Cucumber Roll, Salmon Roll, California Roll, Dynamite Roll,


            Alaska Roll, Avocado Roll, Yam Tempura Roll, Vegetable Tempura Roll)


PT-3                           Party Tray C (36 pcs)                                                  $41.95


                        (2 pcs of Salmon, 2 pcs of Tuna, 2 pcs of Ebi, 2 pcs of Butter Fish

      2 pcs of Tilapia, 2 pcs of Scallop, Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, California Roll, Dynamite Roll)


PT-4                          Party Tray D (44 pcs)                                                   $57.95


                       (4 pcs of Salmon, 4 pcs of Tuna, 4 pcs of Ebi, 4 pcs of Butter Fish,

                        4 pcs of Tilapia, 2 California Roll, Dynamite Roll, Alaska Roll)


PT-5                         Fusion Tray A (36 pcs)                                                  $31.95


                       (Crazy Boy Roll, Rainbow Roll, Caterpillar Roll, House Special Roll)  


PT-6                         Fusion Tray B (56 pcs)                                                  $49.95


                       (Rainbow Roll, Friends Roll, Philadelphia Roll, Caterpillar Roll,

                       Jane & Bloor Roll, Tiger Roll)